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Work From Home- Keep it Healthy for the Mind!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Whether you are a director of a big company or an intern at a startup,

the sheer excitement of going to the workplace has been taken away from us because of COVID-19

Work from home is the new normal and is here to stay for the next few months at least. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify have announced employees to work from home for the next few years.

Working from home is here to stay, but is it actually productive or is it just making it difficult for employees?

Another important question is how does one strike a balance to manage work, home, and personal time?

Here are some of the main problems of WFH-

  • It comes with several distractions from house members, pets and even managing house chores.

  • You may struggle to be productive when you are not supervised.

  • It could lead to loneliness and depression.

  • Tasks might take longer and work might get stretched.

  • More screen time than time for your well-being.

Times are tough and no one knows when everything will be back to normal. Working from home may be the only solution for businesses at this point but the mental health of employees cannot be ignored.

It's not the best solution but baby steps towards normalcy.

With the challenges of making a living and not compromising on health,

Here are some of the solutions for a better WFH :

  • Minimize zoom meetings and constant video calls to daily to-do tasks and end of the day reportings.

  • Encouraging meditation and yoga among the staff for better well-being.

  • Keeping track of your work through helpful work applications like Trello, Slack, and Serene.

  • Create an at-home office, to make it more professional and serious.

  • Fun Friday sessions online with employees to keep them away from loneliness and isolation.

  • Training your employees with online courses from websites like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning.

  • Lastly, listen to podcasts for inspiration and motivation during these strange times.

Mental Health during these strange times has to be prioritized and work sometimes can tinker with it.

Hope these measures can help improve the new work-life and help build a mentally healthy world.

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