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8 Reasons why you should not ignore PR for your brand!

PR, Public Relations, Brand Communication, Image Management - all these terms come together to define one motive - Brand Building and Brand Awareness.

Public Relations is one of the key areas for any brand often ignored or not considered a priority. Here are 8 reasons every brand must opt for PR -

1) Develop a Brand Identity

Public Relations at its core is essentially about storytelling. Effective PR can help communicate brand stories through the right channel so that it is perceived as authentic & genuine. PR can help further tailor the communication by selecting intermediaries relevant to the target audience therefore, contributing towards generating brand identity and customer recognition.

2) Grow in Brand Credibility

Audiences/Consumers invest in brands they trust. Therefore through PR a brand can create and develop customer relationships. These relationships can we created through key media articles or when the brand is recommended by an influencer/expert. This will lead to brand recognition as well as brand credibility and brand loyalty.

3) Affective Use of Funds

When Public Relations is integrated with other methods of marketing, a brand can create a greater impact at a lower cost. Hence, by strategically planning earned, owned and paid media to work in synergy, a brand’s messaging can be more effective and can create strong brand retention amongst the consumers.

4) Build Consumer Interest & Demand

Public relations activities play an important role in acquiring consumer interest and awareness. When the brand is new, emerging, launching a new product or popularising a new aspect etc public relations can help to create narrative and initial buzz through curiosity and interest.

5) Tailored Communications 

PR helps a brand identity and characterise the target market for the brand. Therefore, to optimise communications, PR helps a brand to understand a choose the right methods, channels and modes of communication to reach them.

6) Image Building

When a company is looking to expand whether is it through an event, new product/service line, or rebranding. PR helps in spreading the news to the right media and create a favourable image. A combination of PR activities can often control the way a consumer perceives the brand. Hence, PR also results in an increase in overall awareness.

7) Creates Long Lasting Relationships

PR, as the name suggests, is about building relationships. Therefore through PR a brand can build trust and deliver value to its consumers, stakeholders, media and, others. This does not only result in last lasting relationships but also generates goodwill for the brand.

8) Risk Management

Goodwill of a brand relies heavily on ‘Word of Mouth’. A sour relation can generate bad publicity easily and can cause serious harm to the brand’s credibility. An aspect of PR is to monitor the information being publicised about the brand and maintain accuracy in it. Therefore, PR works activity to manage and rectify inaccurate information and helps manage the risk of negative publicity.

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